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Carmichael, CA

"My wife and I would like to thank Lauren for her constant care, assistance and unwavering support to our family. She has helped us to keep the show on the road.

She is unwavering and determined regarding her approach! She always insists that we read and understand the exact data needed to resolve any difficulties.

We cherish the relationship that our family has with her and consider her a friend, but more importantly as a professional that is always there for us.

She is an excellent example, this world is lucky to have her.

We highly recommend her as a trusted terminal and want her to be publicly acknowledged.

Thank you for all your help!

Sacramento, CA

When I first met Lauren, there were a lot of things that I was not satisfied with in my life.


We felt frustrated and embarrassed because we were making little money and barely surviving. We wanted the best life for our two kids. We knew a lot of people that were affluent, and this made us feel out of place.


Working with Lauren one to one was the best! It was not only therapeutic,  it it was also very fun. After sharing a lot of intimate things about my life with her, we became very close.


Lauren understood me as a person and always made me feel important, especially the good things about me. I never felt judged when I was around her. She was always there for me, getting me through, holding my hand, and pushing me to do better. 


Since working with Lauren my husband I have tripled our income. We have handled so many different aspects of our life. I can say without reservation now that I am a happy person, and I am satisfied with my life!


Lauren has been working with me for years now, and stays in touch to ensure that we continue to do well. She has always done whatever it takes to keep us wining.

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