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Is Jealousy Ruining Your Life?

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

“Jealousy is the largest factor in breaking up marriages and relationships.

Jealousy comes about because of the insecurity of the jealous person and may or may not have a foundation.

The person is afraid of hidden communication lines and will do anything to uncover them.

This acts upon the other partner to make them feel that his communication lines are being cut, for he thinks himself entitled to have open communication lines, whereas his marital partner insists that he shut many of them.

A person who is jealous has something wrong on the subject of communications.”

New Slant on Life

L. Ron Hubbard

Are you jealous?

  1. Do you secretly spy on your partner’s text messages, emails, and Facebook messages obsessively trying to uncover hidden communication to someone you feel is a threat to your relationship?

  2. Do you ask that your partner cut off communication with this person, even though there is no proof of unfaithfulness?

If this is happening to you, I’m sure it is keeping you up at night and causing a lot of anxiety.

Here are some tips that will help you resolve this stressful situation.

Honestly ask yourself if you’re guilty of doing any of the things you suspect your partner of. And if not, are you doing things that would upset him if he knew? You will be amazed at how jealousy dissolves when you take more responsibility and personally stop doing things that cross the line.

Marriage counseling is the process of getting honest with your partner. With the guidance of a Marriage Counselor, this can be done with miraculous results. We have seen marriages that were on the rocks fully salvaged. Once you complete the counseling you will both be trained in the philosophy behind Marriage Counseling so you can understand why it works and how to truly create a marriage that will stand the test of time.

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